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Camp Run Day 10

Wednesday June 30

For our running course today, we started at Diamond Bar High School and took Pathfinder to Diamond Bar Blvd. We turned right and ran to Brea Canyon Rd. Then we turned right again back to the high school. It's almost a perfect 5K. Like I said, the training we have at 5KaDay4Food Camp is intense. After running the 5K at a 19 min. to 20 min. training tempo we did an acceleration and maximum velocity workout. We have proven to ourselves that nothing can stop us. Running this 5K at 19 to 20 minutes is decent for training. By end of these 30 days we may lower it to between 15 and 16 min. to see if all camp team members can pull it off. The best part is we get to do it all for charity. I'm hoping more people start donating. We're running a 5K a day to raise funds and awareness for the charity New Earth to continue giving free groceries to people that got really sick, lost jobs, family members died and other situations caused by Covid. The charity has also been helping juveniles in the justice system for over 17 years. Every 5K run is purpose driven.

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