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To sponsor a run or other collaboration with #5KaDay4Food to help New Earth send an email.


Send all sponsorships and donations for New Earth through the Gofundme page and donations are 100% tax deductible. Let’s all run together, physically or virtually, to help others.  


#5KaDay4Food is something I started to raise funds for New Earth because they’re helping people affected by Covid-19 or related shutdowns by giving them free weekly groceries. That’s multiple grocery bags filled with healthy food. New Earth also has been helping juveniles in the justice system age 13 to 25, foster kids and orphans with education and job training so they can become contributing people in our community. 


Thank you for joining forces to help others.

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How do we change the world?

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Instagram:  @5KaDay4Food

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#5KaDay4Food  Challenge

1. Donate at

2. Run / walk your 5K or what you're able

3. Post  #5KaDay4Food  on your social media challenge to your friends to do these same 3 things

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